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Burmese Ruby - the most sought after gem in the world

Have you ever wondered how lucky you would be if you owned Burmese materials, such as ruby or blue sapphire?

(2.54ct Unheated Burmese Ruby, GIA)

This long , rich land has become the world's best source for gemstones. Two of the "Big Three" i.e. Ruby and Blue Sapphire from this specific area are collective stones for gem lovers because of its uniqueness in minerals compounded in the landscape.

Let's turn to the ruby. Burmese ruby's history dated back to more than five centuries. Since we were young, the only well-known source of ruby is Mogok, Burma (or Myanmar). We also believe until now that the Burmese ruby has characteristics that cannot be found elsewhere. its stunningly sweet color, of course, that is believed to be a combination of strong fluorescence (high in chromium, particularly found in Mogok) and unique inclusions in the stone (what we called silk).

(1.41CT Unheated Burmese Ruby)

Compared to Thai or Siam ruby, the land next door, the color of Burmese ruby is far brighter and more charming than that of Siam. Because of the basaltic rock, Siam ruby is dark in color; therefore, less vivid than the Burmese one. This particular trait becomes the most important value factor for any ruby. Thus, till now no ruby can ever compete with the ruby of Burma.

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